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Incorporating a Company in Malta

Maltese jurisdiction harbours in it a vast array of companies, from construction and investments companies, to international trading and gaming companies. Companies in Malta are regulated by a single regulator, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) which ensures the conformity of companies' activites in line with the principle legislation, the Companies Act of 1995, as well as other regulations.

Being a member of the EU and having an excellent professional services infrastructure and a respected, well-regulated legal jurisdiction, Malta offers signifact advantages as a company domicile. These include:

  • Participation Exemptions

  • Migration of companies to and from Malta

  • Rulings by the Maltese Commissioner of Inland Revenue on international transactions that gurantee tax provisons

  • Possibilty for companies to denominate their share capital and their accounts in foreign currencies

  • Payments of tax and tax refunds in foreig convertible currencies minimising exchange risks

  • Exemption from duty on transfer of shares in, by or to companies having the majority of their business interests outside Malta

  • No capital duty on shares issued

  • Low registration and maintenance costs witha relative ease of incporation for non-regulated entities

  • Redomicialtion of foreign companies without the need of liquidating the foreign jurisdiction.

  • No local shareholders deemed necassary

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