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The Maltese Compliance and Regulatory Filing Calendar

In an ever-expanding list of regulatory levies and obligations, keeping your business up-to-speed and in line with regulatory requirements can become somewhat of a headache, and with all dates and deadlines being decentralised, one may easily spend an hour or two just searching when a VAT return falls due or when to submit the monthly FSS.

Our simplified compliance calendars assists business owners in being on the forefront of compliance by being ahead of regulatory requirements and help them avoid unwarranted fines and penalties. However, deadlines for self-employed personnel differ from deadlines of limited liability companies. Follow the links below for further information on deadlines and regulatory dates.


Compliance Calendar - Self Employed

Office Building

Compliance Calendar - Companies


All deadline and regulatory dates listed in the above links and any BGMT related web pages, are standardised to facilitate understanding and ease of use. Such dates are based solely on manual filing and payment deadline dates, and do not take into consideration electronic filing or any related exemptions and extensions. It is always advisable to contact us further via our contact us page for further clarification and applicability of regulatory filing dates and requirements.

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