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The essentials to building an effective Social Media presence is in the quality of the account.

The importance of having an online presence in today’s digital era cannot be stressed out enough. From Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitter, reading about how ‘social media is an important part of your marketing strategy’ has become a morning headline, yet to some, this might seem as a stressful burden to constantly upload and keeping in touch with your followers. Here is a short list on how to have an effective and less time-consuming social media activity. Posting often is not necessary You don’t have to post often and numerous times a day. Posting often may result in ineffective posts and your followers being fed up of your posts appearing on their feeds. You don’t have to force feed your services to the public out there. Your intention is to create a strong digital presence that makes people aware of it. Having the good product or service will make the public opt for it, not the often posts. ​“Active” has a thousand different meanings Being active means not having a dead social account. However, it doesn’t mean that you should spent 24hrs planning and writing blog posts. Despite the number of posts that occur every day, sometimes the typical entrepreneur might easily fall for the “constant-post-trap”. Keep a concise and effective approach. You’re not competing with everyone, if security is the industry you operate in, then establish a presence that when potential-clients search for a security firm, yours is the one that pops up. Quality Having social media accounts with high quality photos, videos and a solid profile is key in convincing a potential-customer to actually being one. Make sure your photos are of high resolution and have a professional and serious look. More than just Facebook Having numerous social accounts rather than just Facebook, has unprecedented benefits. Increased links to your website give better search ranking to your website and thus increasing traffic and audience. Having a follower on Instagram or Twitter, may not be the same one you have on Facebook. Different followers mean broader audience. Make sure you don’t stick to just Facebook. Despite might seem stressful managing six accounts or more, in today’s digital era, applications exist that help the typical entrepreneur control all accounts with a centralized console. Although social media can seem to be an untamed beast at first and overwhelming with information, keeping a targeted audience and end-goal is a key skill the account holder must have in order to make the social phenomenon an asset to his business.

What is a Business Administration and Support Company and Its Benefits in the Business World 10/7/2017 0 Comments In today's business world, there is no such thing as no competition. Even in the smallest of markets, a form of indirect or direct competition is present, and combining that with the hassle of running the day-to-day activities of the company, being a business owner can become stressful and a real burden. However, with the vast array of services and products that are present nowadays, there is always a solution. Business administration companies constitute a small portion of today's businesses, but are a promising venture and on the rise. Such companies offer other businesses a one-stop-shop for a vast array of services and products, ranging from accounting, book-keeping and IT support, to financial and strategic planning. This helps business owners, avoid the hassle of being constantly on the lookout for an IT company to handle their IT infrastructure, or a Real Estate company to aid in the finding of new premises. But how does this work, and how is it so effective? The concept for a business administration company is simple. The company operates a pool of highly qualified individuals, with their field of focus ranging from financial services, to web development and marketing. So when a customer approaches the company for help in IT or marketing, the customer finds experienced and qualified personnel at his disposal. When the company does not have the requested personnel for a customer, for example a real estate agent, the business support company helps the customer find the best and most cost-efficient agent out there, together with over-looking the process of searching and the hassle of discussions on behalf of the customer, ensuring that a reliable and tailored service is provided according to the client's needs. Think of such a company as a business partner. One has an idea, and such a company helps bring it to life. Such a service has a never-ending list of benefits. Professional, time-efficient, cost-efficient and tailor-made, are only a few words that describe the unlimited benefits of utilising it. Making use of business support companies helps you, as a business owner, reduce the burden and distracting day-to-day activities, whilst you allocate your focus on the long-term plan for your business and how to become the best in your industry by offering that extra pinch to your customers that other competitors do not offer. As a result, such a support service, gives business owners a head-start and advantage on other competitors.

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