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The Importance of Social Media to Businesses

Social media evolutionised the methods of how businesses engage their audience.

In today’s digital era, the word social media is a term everyone is familiar with. From youngsters born naturally to it, to adults that no matter what, had to learn and exploit the vast and never-ending capabilities of such media platform. Apart from the “keeping in touch with friends” part of social media, posting of travelling photos, or the sharing of an adrenaline fueled video, the phenomenon is a reliable, cheap and efficient way for businesses to keep in touch with its customers. Media outlets and space in general, were always a marketing target for companies and businesses, but social media revolutionized the meaning of broadening customer reach. In today’s world, there is no denying that we are overly-attached to our phones, and constantly want to know what Mr. Adventure-next-door is up to and where is he visiting next. This constant feed of wanting something new has created a new opportunity for businesses to broaden their reach and boost their sales. Having people always looking for something is an excellent opportunity for the company to fit in that five-second pitch sentence and a striking photo that attracts the eye of the scrolling junkie. Even-though the seeker behind the screen might not be actually looking to purchase the product or service, such advert can result in two possibilities, either he/she will keep your company in mind to exploit when they will actually seek to obtain such service or product, or otherwise, should the company make excellent use of its five second window, a "need" might arise, intriguing the client to come forward and start asking questions. Either way, social media advertising increases not only the reach and audience of the product or service, but also improves the probability, of turning potential customers into actual ones. Consequently, social media is the first environment in which a business should establish its presence in, as this develops the business's social reach with potential customers as well as its customer base. Putting your product out there for the world to see has become so easy, that can be done only with the click of a button.

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