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What is SEO, and its key role in today's digital era.

In today's digital world, advertising has become more technical and sophisticated. One hears many words involving digital creations to market and establish the business' online presence. From websites, to promotions to online redeemable vouchers and SEOs, one is literally lost for words when describing the online advertising business. But what is SEO?

At first glance SEOs, or better, Search Engine Optimization, might look really difficult and complicated, yet when reviewed in detail, it is not that complicated. SEO is the technicality and technique of making your online presence more reachable to the general public. For understanding purposes, when one types YouTube on a search engine, like Google, the first website that prompts up is that of This result occurs thanks to the process of SEO. But how does this work?

Putting it simply, SEO uses search engines' criteria and regulations to optimise and favors the feature of your website and online marketing. Recently, google has introduced the penalization to websites having heavy advertisements present on their page. However, if a website does not have to much content, a search engine does not consider it as a "true" website, and consequently does not feature your website leaving your creation invisible ti the general public.

SEO creates a balance between "true" and "spam" websites, allowing the search engine to list you its search criteria. The optimization process also drills further to provide your business with the ideal audience. For example Business Global is involved in the provision of marketing and administrative services, thus an SEO process includes tags on the website having marketing, administration, secretarial, digitization, branding amongst others. Consequently, when an individual types marketing services, administration services or any of the tags, Business Global is featured as one of the websites offering this service.

This process, although may seem complicated, in principle, is relatively simple, and in today's digital era it is a must-be-done process for businesses to prove their digital presence and attract the digital public. Combining such process with a strong effective marketing campaign, SEOs are responsible for the incline in customer database and naturally a driver to increased sales.

Search engine optimisation is crucial in today's digital era

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